Our Services

MicroSpring Commerce provides pest control operators with turn-key services and products that complement their pest control service. Pest control operators can expand their pest control service offering to include drain line and grease interceptor maintenance, microbial cleaning solutions, and a cleaning product line for commercial customers.





Our ProKlean program is a turn-key chemical cleaning solution for your commercial customers, without the headache of storage and logistics. The benefits include:

  • Triple profits per commercial stop
  • No need for additional warehousing
  • MicroSpring Commerce DirectShip Technology
  • Point of sale sign and ship functionality

Best of all your customer receives all these services under one bill.




ProBac Continuous Release Technology leads the market in effective drain line and grease interceptor maintenance products. By offering ProBac servicing to your service catalog you receive the following benefits:

  • Provide drain maintenance solutions for your commercial customers
  • Add additional income per stop
  • Reduce cancellations with additional drain maintenance services
  • Provide source control for pest related issues